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Football Jan 9, 2024Final Rankings AP Poll RankingsShow Detailed Rankings Show Ballot Grid View
1Michigan (61) 1525 points
2Washington 1459 points
3Texas 1356 points
4Georgia 1328 points
5Alabama 1321 points
6Florida State 1175 points
Oregon 1175 points
8Missouri 1092 points
9Ole Miss 1030 points
10Ohio State 1006 points
11Arizona 861 points
12LSU 853 points
13Penn State 796 points
14Notre Dame 745 points
15Oklahoma 691 points
16Oklahoma State 528 points
17Tennessee 442 points
18Kansas State 402 points
19Louisville 398 points
20Clemson 327 points
21NC State 244 points
22SMU 183 points
23Kansas 153 points
24Iowa 150 points
25Liberty 139 points
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Basketball Feb 19, 2024Week 16 AP Poll RankingsShow Detailed Rankings Show Ballot Grid View
1UConn (62) 1550 points
2Houston 1473 points
3Purdue 1414 points
4Arizona 1373 points
5Tennessee 1230 points
6Iowa State 1160 points
7Marquette 1144 points
8Duke 1116 points
9Kansas 1065 points
10North Carolina 1044 points
11Baylor 959 points
12Illinois 853 points
13Alabama 803 points
14Auburn 690 points
15Creighton 612 points
16Dayton 584 points
17Kentucky 540 points
18Saint Mary's 486 points
19San Diego State 374 points
20South Carolina 346 points
21Washington State 215 points
22Colorado State 171 points
23Texas Tech 135 points
24Florida 124 points
25BYU 123 points
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