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Football Nov 26, 2023Week 14 AP Poll RankingsShow Detailed Rankings Show Ballot Grid View
1Georgia (52) 1540 points
2Michigan (10) 1495 points
3Washington 1413 points
4Florida State 1358 points
5Oregon 1277 points
6Ohio State 1251 points
7Texas 1205 points
8Alabama 1125 points
9Missouri 1011 points
10Penn State 961 points
11Ole Miss 936 points
12Oklahoma 857 points
13LSU 809 points
14Arizona 712 points
15Louisville 689 points
16Notre Dame 592 points
17Tulane 557 points
18Iowa 458 points
19Oklahoma State 407 points
20Liberty 293 points
21NC State 269 points
Oregon State 269 points
23Toledo 176 points
24James Madison 121 points
25SMU 108 points
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Basketball Nov 27, 2023Week 4 AP Poll RankingsShow Detailed Rankings Show Ballot Grid View
1Purdue (60) 1572 points
2Arizona (1) 1467 points
3Marquette 1418 points
4UConn (2) 1411 points
5Kansas 1312 points
6Houston 1289 points
7Duke 1194 points
8Miami (FL) 1031 points
9Baylor 1030 points
10Tennessee 967 points
11Gonzaga 964 points
12Kentucky 727 points
13Florida Atlantic 664 points
14Texas A&M 646 points
15Creighton 613 points
16Texas 571 points
17North Carolina 567 points
18Villanova 534 points
19BYU 416 points
20Colorado State 330 points
21Mississippi State 309 points
22James Madison 303 points
23Alabama 259 points
24Illinois 134 points
25Oklahoma 120 points
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